Friday, 11 February 2011

BeatSkool 2

Looking to expand on the BeatSkool Project concept.
music has become a great release, as with any productions you want it to be perfect but you have to work within limitations(sort of)...

I Don't have to always work just within Propeller Heads REASON, but I choose to quite a lot of the time, I like to see what I can squeeze out of it, all on its own, and even when I get somewhere I still know there is plenty more it can do...

Sound design is as deep & wide as you want to go all from the comfort of your armchair, and I am lovin it as much, if not more than 3D, more immediate, and the results seem to touch you more, anyway the randomnes of incremental changes, and branches/choices you make change the feel of the thing as you go, I usually end up with many versions of the same song as you refine it. but sometimes I go back to an earlier version and rework it again and it comes out different every time(same as if you move a slider) every tiny change can lead to a new direction. Unless of course if the vision you have is what your trying to attain, but the semi-randomness of it all is why you keep plodding and plotting.

Anyway what am I saying, well its probably better iif you listen, then perhaps we can discuss, how the random attractors & the creative vision merge to create infinite possibilities.

Virtually There...just add your support

BeatSkool is at the forefront of the Digital Media Revolution, following closely advancements in DCC Applications, technology has the power to change lives, enhance learning, engage & entertain, and produce, the Beatskool vision is sound sculpting to 3D Rapid Prototyping, Beatskool propels learning at 140BPM, but recognizes that a Vari-Speed Multi-Faceted LCD approach caters for all audiences.

We are exploring a multitude of tools, OpenExhibits, OpenFrameworks, Touch Designer, and many other tools, which can be used to create engaging spaces to enhance an empty shop store near you!


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