Sunday, 28 February 2010

How Long? Has this been going on ?

All Audio Production done within Reason, Audio Visualisation done in Adobe After effects with Trapcode Form. Still a work in progress so stay tuned for new version (the bass in this one is a little heavy)
The possibilities when producing music with Reason are endless. Like most things there comes a time when you have to decide which version is the best, all the while knowing it is not really ever finished as there is always something more you can do to change the mix.

Obviously a compromise also has to be made when distributing the material on the web, as video & audio quality have to be decreased in order meet the capabilities of the streaming service being used.

For example Using SoundCloud to Distribute your Tracks you can upload very High Quality audio, and you get a cool looking Audio Waveform to add to your web pages.

If video is involved, then its YouTube, Vimeo, or BlipTV each of the sites offer slightly different features, as an example Vimeo's in-line Player is used below and is working correctly.

'Drive' by "the Cars" an old classic given the Beatskool Mix Treatment.

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